Thursday, February 2, 2012

I sip my kool-aid

Prada ss 12 

I have to say how crazy I went after this Campaign shot by Steven Meisel .To be honest I just wanted to post this because I noticed how the last post with the Prada shoe picture looked crazy good with my blog layout(crazy right? ). Miuccia sure hit perfection this spring season and there´s so many DIY ideas in this season for us thrifty gals! I really liked the beaded sandals (DIY!) even though they are purely commercial and (as far as I know) were not in the runway presentation. Even the other commercial items such as the sunglasses, shoes, and handbags were smartly designed I really enjoyed seeing them. And the color pallet of Minty Green, Coral, Lush Reds is such Technicolor Perfection. The rose necklaces with crystals are just the cherry on top of all this frothy lushness that the clothes are . This Is such Super Charged Glamour! And if there´s one person who knows how to make a pleated skirt it´s Miuccia Prada we´ve seen it before covered in lips or lipsticks and pleated dresses she did in the beginning of 00´s using 1930´s fashion as reference (you can see this in the book Evening Dress by Alexandra Black ) .

I got really curious as well on what are the songs playing in the video of the SS12 campaign  and I found out thanks to a few guys and gals who left some comments on youtube.

So here they are (not in order):
Sleigh Bells - Kids (this is the kool aid one!)

Tobacco feat Aesop Rock - Dirt
Holy Shit - Written All Over Your Face ,  some said it was this one "Written All Over Your Face" by Ariel Pink
"Funnel of Love" by Duck and Cover (I think this one is the last one )


  1. Oh my goodness! I was going to praise you for your Carrie Bradshaw shrine you submitted to Rookie (which was fabulous beyond belief) and then I became so enthralled by all of these pictures and the way they match your blog layout--I forgot what I was going to say. Also, Sleigh Bells is my favorite and I love 'Kids' (and Rill Rill and Crown on the Ground!)

    Congrats on being awesome!

    1. Sleigh Bells has become such a favorite of mine! I get so angry at my self sometimes because I have their album and its been in my playlist for a year and I only got around to listening to them now.
      I´m glad you liked the Carrie Shoe shrine, it amuses me that even my dad though it was pretty cute. (laugh)
      Thanks for the awesome comment! :D
      will check out your blog sometime
      stay in touch