Saturday, February 4, 2012

I got Very Carrie(d) Away

Hey darlings,

Guess what? My Carrie Bradshaw Shoe Shrine was featured in Rookie Mag !  
Here are the pictures in a larger scale.
One of the coolest pictures is of a Roger Vivier heel from Sex and the City (the one with purple feathers) that I found in the Sienna Miller September Issue of Vogue from 2007. I remember in the movie, Jennifer Hudson’s character goes, “What if these just disappeared?” And Carrie says, “I know where you live.” 

The next pictures are my notebook covers with collages that I made myself and a (red) book from my high school days with black pumps and shoe quotes, the Marilyn quote actually should say women instead of men.

RookieMag    my shrine is number 32

a song for this post? Amy Winehouse - Fuck me pumps     


  1. I like! I found you through the link in your shrine description. Isn't Rookie wonderful?

    1. Rookie is fantastique! thanks for leaving a comment :D

  2. Hi!
    I love your shrine! Is spectacular!
    I'm following your blog now! (:


  3. Im in love with those purple feather shoes! please tell me you know the designer name???
    if so please email me!!!!!

    it would mean so much!!!!!!!!!!