Thursday, July 26, 2012

That's gotta leave a mark

You know when you've had that feeling ... or actually that idea or thought : " I really want a tattoo.". You think about this FOREVER, then you finally decide " I'm no wimp , I'm about to get inked." (casual face) . But deep down you are a wimp, on the day your gonna get the friggin' thing you start shaking   you get all nervous start thinking up all these crazy ideas of what can go wrong (like a purple unicorn flies over to the studio where I'm getting this thing done the tattoo guy freaks out and scribbles on you or - me actually). Soooo you drag a close friend with you so you know someone  can protect your sorry ass from those ferocious tattoo loving purple unicorns.

And a new woman is born (Soundtrack: Rebel Rebel by David Bowie) 

Just a reminder: just because you want to feel bad-ass by getting a tattoo by no means screw-up your life or your epidermial health. Meaning, make sure the studio you go to is clean, and that the tattoo artist (is that what the people who make the tattos are called? ) wears gloves , glasses, and a mask.


  1. wow you look so hot in that last photo :O

  2. love that tattoo came out great