Friday, September 16, 2011

Marc Jacobs ( I want it all)

I have to say Marc takes the cake every time , the collection was a little bit 1920´s influenced and the models kind of had a look about them that reminded me of Carey Muligan (from An Education). Maybe, whats on his mind is the remake of The Great Gatsby? Just might be ...
  On the whole, the  runway presentation was like a big walking wish list. Those dresses with the transparency mixed with the vichy print so it was actually a little Brigitte Bardot mixed with 1920´s flappers and those it girls from the 20´s like Clara Bow. It got pretty decadent towards the end where you would see lots of embroidery with beading. The color scheme varied from neutrals like nudes, navys , grays , and other shades of blue to yellows , blush tones , and minty greens. And lets not mention the details and accessories , ah they deserve their own post . (but I have to say the stilleto mary janes are too wonderful for words!)

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