Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stripes of Fancy

ah it is but a chilly Sunday night and striped bateau tops seem to be on my mind yet again. or stripped tops in general of course these last few seasons nothing is trendier , they go with everything from pencil skirts to skinny jeans , jeans with flare legs, platforms, peep toe pumps, Havainas flip flops, repetto flats, minis, red lipstick, nude lipstick, cat eye makeup, no makeup, no bra, with a bra, capris, strappy sandals, statement necklaces, voluminous skirts, big earrings , studs, boots, heels, green eyeliner ...YOU NAME IT!
Without a doubt the combinations are endless. But beside the point it reminds me of that effortless Parisienne look , the first time I saw a stylish woman in a stripped bateau top  it was a beautiful picture of the queen of chic (or one of them at least) Gabrielle Chanel:
ah style is innate. no?
Hence, the real reason for my striped obsession is my first love with french fashion ( then again if you love fashion how could you ignore the french?) and well the name of mon blog is je mapelle Sabine that's pretty self explanatory

great week to every one my cherries (sp?)[french for darlings]

Images from the sartorialist
Hollister Co. Shorts
Jcrew tee
black blazer
SAT necklace

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  1. i love a good striped t shirt! i love the 3rd photo in the distressed shorts!

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